Posted by: M & T | August 25, 2010

Philly homegrown…

Free cheesesteaks were being given away at Love Park today.  Too bad we heard about it too late!  Boo.  Anyway, is promoting the use of locally grown ingredients (100 miles or less from the city).  Check out their website for the cheesesteak recipe along with many others featuring locally grown ingredients.  We have to support local farmers.  <3. Tim and I will be giving this recipe a shot when we return from vacation!

Posted by: M & T | August 17, 2010

Next Food Network Star is a food blogger!

Aarti Sequeira is the Next Food Network Star winner. Her specialty is Indian cooking and she’s adorable.  Tim and I love the spicy flavors of Indian food.  And guess what?  She a FOOD BLOGGER!!  I am inspired!  Check her out @  Can’t wait for her show.  Indian cooking is something I’d love to try my hand at some day.

Posted by: M & T | August 16, 2010

I forgot to thaw out the chicken!

So, Sundays are usually our only day off.  I like to cook something that yields leftovers for during the week since we work so late.  I try to plan ahead; sometimes I forget.

I wanted to make a whole chicken yesterday, but I didn’t take it out of the freezer ahead of time.  Crap.  I wondered if I could put an entire frozen chicken in my slow cooker.  I googled it; people have done it.  Guess what, it works!

I made a little platform out of 3 balls of aluminum foil and rested the chicken on them.  I drizzled some olive oil over the chicken, seasoned it with salt, pepper, Emeril’s Essence (you can buy it premade too), fresh rosemary, and garlic.  Cover it up, and cook on high for 6 hours or low for 10.  About 2 hours in, I had to remove the lid so that I could take the bag of innards out of the chicken’s cavity.  It was a bit too frozen in the beginning.

When the chicken is done (check temperature, should be 170-180), it just falls off the bone.  It’s so good!!  We served over brown rice and veggies.

Stay tuned for when we do our beer can chicken on the grill!

Posted by: M & T | August 5, 2010

Niagra wine


This past weekend, Tim’s parents were visiting.  One of our usual stops while they are in town is New Hope Winery.  They have some really fun wine.  The tasting used to be free; now it’s $7 to taste five different wines.  You get to keep the glass. Exciting, I know.  If you buy wine, they really should subtract the cost of the tasting from your bill.  They don’t, but they do give you 10% off if you buy a dozen bottles.  We split a case with Tim’s parents.  Aside, from having to pay for the tasting, we love New Hope Winery.  We go several times a year.

Tonight we are enjoying the Niagra wine.  It tastes exactly like white grape juice (my favorite juice ever)!

Posted by: M & T | August 5, 2010

Summertime pasta

Our work week is super hectic.  It’s typically six days several of which are 10-12 hours long.  Tonight, for instance, we worked until 7:00 pm.  I went for a run and Tim took care of some yardwork.  (BTW, we have the best looking yard on the street-he is good!)  Then we have some household stuff to take care of: laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and……..oh, dinner!

Today at work I was trying to decide what to make that would be quick and easy, yet still be homemade.  This is when I start pondering what fresh or frozen veggies we have through my head.  We ALWAYS keep pasta around.  We prefer whole grain; it seems to hold up to hearty, chunky veggies better.  Plus, any excuse I can make to use our fresh basil, I will!  Obsessed.

So, I know off the top of my head I have pasta, basil, onions, fresh garlic (another must), broccoli, carrots, a few tomatoes, and feta cheese.  You can use whatever veggies you want!  Peppers are really great in pasta too.

Cook your pasta according to the directions.  Meanwhile, in a pan (we use a cast iron skillet) heat up some olive oil and begin to sauté the garlic and onions.  At this time, throw the carrots in here too since they take a little while to cook.  Once they start to get tender, in goes the broccoli.  Salt and pepper!  Sometimes we throw in a little pesto.   Once those veggies are cooked, add the tomatoes.  Tomatoes cook quickly.  Add the cooked pasta to the pan and toss with the veggies.  Cook just a few minutes more so that the pasta is hot.  Throw in the feta cheese, chopped fresh basil, a little more extra virgin olive oil (EVOO for all you Rachael Ray fans out there), toss and serve!

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the classic pasta with sauce and meatballs.  However, this is a great dish for summer when fresh veggies are abundant.  It’s light, but filling enough.  You could always add a protein such as chicken or shrimp.

Share your quick dinner recipes in the Comments!  We are always looking to try something different!

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