About Us

I have been watching Emeril for a long time; before that, I remember Julia Child on PBS. I always enjoyed watching cooking shows, though I never made any of the recipes on my own. They were relaxing. Then came Food Network, and now the Cooking Channel and I am in heaven! There is always something on TV!

Over the last year, my husband, Tim, and I [Mary], decided to really start exploring with food. We work a lot so it was easy to fall into the frozen pizza, Chinese take-out routine. We were bored; we got adventurous. We aren’t chefs, just a couple that enjoys cooking and dining out together. We are learning; we will share our mishaps too! Recently, Tim suggested we start a blog to share our food adventures. Here it is!

Most of the recipes we make are fairly quick (again, we work a lot), inexpensive, and healthy. However, I do love to bake so no scrimping on the fat and sugar all the time! Also, Tim has slimmed down recipes for many popular cocktails. They taste even better when you don’t feel guilty!

Lastly, although we have been cooking a lot more, we still really enjoy going out. We will post reviews of places we have been in and around Philadelphia. We always keep an eye out for awesome happy hours and great, reasonably priced food.

We hope you enjoy our stories enough to give something new a try; hopefully your plates and glasses will be MT!



  1. Great idea. Love the recipes

  2. I absolutely love your blog…:-)

    • Thanks girl! =)

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