Posted by: M & T | August 16, 2010

I forgot to thaw out the chicken!

So, Sundays are usually our only day off.  I like to cook something that yields leftovers for during the week since we work so late.  I try to plan ahead; sometimes I forget.

I wanted to make a whole chicken yesterday, but I didn’t take it out of the freezer ahead of time.  Crap.  I wondered if I could put an entire frozen chicken in my slow cooker.  I googled it; people have done it.  Guess what, it works!

I made a little platform out of 3 balls of aluminum foil and rested the chicken on them.  I drizzled some olive oil over the chicken, seasoned it with salt, pepper, Emeril’s Essence (you can buy it premade too), fresh rosemary, and garlic.  Cover it up, and cook on high for 6 hours or low for 10.  About 2 hours in, I had to remove the lid so that I could take the bag of innards out of the chicken’s cavity.  It was a bit too frozen in the beginning.

When the chicken is done (check temperature, should be 170-180), it just falls off the bone.  It’s so good!!  We served over brown rice and veggies.

Stay tuned for when we do our beer can chicken on the grill!



  1. I loved the part about the innards. Also, aren’t slow cookers awesome!

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