Posted by: M & T | July 24, 2010

Spend a whole night at Swift Half

Monday night is date night for us.  It may seem like an unusual night, but we love it!  Restaurants/bars are much less crowded than on a Friday or Saturday night and it gives us something to look forward to.  Think about it; Mondays are a drag for most people.  The weekend is over, get back to work!  Tim and I look forward to Mondays!

This week we went to Swift Half Pub ( in the Piazza at Schmidts in Northern Liberties.   If you haven’t been to the Piazza yet, and you live in the Philadelphia area, it’s a great spot to check out.  There are some really great boutiques and great restaurants (  At the front of the Piazza, there is a HUGE screen where they play movies and sports games (great place to watch the Phils)!  Swift Half has prime outside seating for having a beer and/or grabbing a bite while watching a game.  We work nearby and during the World Cup we liked to walk by on our lunch and check out the games.

The Swift Half gets it’s name from the 10 oz. “swift half” pint they serve.  Okay, so it’s a little larger than a half a pint, but who’s complaining?  On Mondays, they are $2.  Swift Half has a nice selection of craft beers, as well as the old school affordables like Schmidt’s and PBR cans.

When we go out, we typically sit at the bar for a little while.  It’s nice to relax and talk some before sitting down to eat. This also allows us to get a feel for the restaurant.  When we sit down, we are booth people. Typically, they are a little more private, which is great for date night.   On Monday, there weren’t any booths available.  There had just been one of those summertime downpours and it seemed that anyone that had been outside in the Piazza ran into the Pub for shelter.  So, we ate at the bar.  We had a nice quiet corner so it was fine; we didn’t feel overcrowded. We normally don’t have a problem getting a booth here, so we are attributing this to the sudden downpour.

For apps, they offer a nice selection of cheeses and charcuterie…we love being able to select a few cheeses to try!  We had the Old Chatham Camembert and the Colton Bassett Stilton.  The first is a combination cow and goats’ milk cheese served with apricot preserves and the latter is a cow’s milk cheese (like a blue cheese) served with raspberry preserves.  Sliced baguette accompanied the cheeses.  They were both really good.  Also, they have an all day $3 bar menu.  We decided to be risque and get the deviled eggs; Tim loves them.  The order comes with 4 deviled eggs but Tim grabbed one before I could snap the pic!

I had been craving a BLT since we came to Swift Half for lunch a couple weeks ago and our friend, Amy, ordered one.  Technically, on the menu it’s a B.E.L.T.  The “E” is for egg.  I asked for mine sans egg; we just had deviled eggs, that’s enough!  It’s served on sourdough with fresh cut fries and it was delicious. Tim had the steak sandwich served on onion ciabatta, also with fries.  He enjoyed it, but felt the ciabatta was a bit too hard.  He would have preferred a brioche roll or something a little softer.  We both enjoyed the fries, they were nice and well done and there were a ton of them!

When it comes to beer, the swift half pints are the way to go!  Especially because they are two bucks on Mondays ($3 normally/$5 for a full pint).  If you want to get crazy, you can sample all the draught beers for $20.   Tim had the Troegs Sunshine Pilsner.  It’s similar to Stella Artois, one of his favorites.  I tried the Victory Summer Love Ale; it was date night after all!  It was really good, very hoppy if you like that sort of beer.

Along with fun food and beer selections, great location, another selling point for Swift Half is that they are on!  Grab a $25 gift certificate (especially when they are $2) and have a Monday date night at Swift Half Pub this summer!

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