Posted by: M & T | July 19, 2010

Simple syrup made simple

Simple syrup is sold to add to cocktails as a sweetener.  The stuff is so stinkin’ simple to make, so why buy it?  Most people have sugar and water at home; that’s simple syrup – sugar water.

The ratio is one cup water to one cup sugar.  Tim likes to use 3/4 cup white granulated sugar and 1/4 cup light or dark brown sugar.  The brown sugar adds some color to the syrup as well as giving it a more authentic flavor.  Place water and sugar in a pot and warm on the stove until all of the sugar dissolves.  Boiling is not necessary.  My mom gave Tim these cool amber flip-top beer bottles and he stores his simple syrup in them.

Flip-top beer bottle

We have heard that flavors like mint can be infused into the syrup; we will be giving this a shot!  We use the simple syrup in mojitos…recipe to follow!



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