Posted by: M & T | July 14, 2010

Relaxing at Redstone

One thing the Philadelphia area needs are more outdoor BARS!  When the weather is nice, it should be enjoyed! There is a ton of al fresco dining, but what if you just want to grab a drink and hang out a bit?  Good luck.

Yes, there are a few spots in Manayunk and in New Hope.  We frequent New Hope; it’s great.  Still, there should be more places with a nice ambiance, great drinks, and food.

Last summer, Tim and I discovered Redstone American Grill at the Plymouth Meeting Mall. It smells so good when you walk inside.  Their signature is the open fire rotisserie visible as soon as you walk inside.  The inside is dimly lit.   There is a large bar in the center of the restaurant, booths on either side of the bar (our fave) and additional tables outside the bar area.  It’s a good sized place, and nicely decorated.  The best part is the outside!  There is a full sized bar area with bar top tables and additional seating along the perimeter.  You can also eat outside; a separate dining area is also available.  It’s covered so no worries about there being too much sun!  There is also a fire pit with seating all around.  They did a great job of adding a number of trees and plants around the outside.  You don’t feel at all like you are in a mall parking lot; it feels secluded.  The outside area actually reminded us of our last trip to Jamaica.

How are the food and drinks?  Really good!  The prices are a tad high and there is no happy hour.  What?!?! Bummer, we know.  If you ever went to Redstone during that 5:00 p.m. to 7:oo p.m time frame, you’d see they have no need for happy hour specials.  The place is packed!  They do feature certain wines, but there are no bargains!  The food is reasonably priced.  Yesterday, we went for lunch.   We got the Canyon Combo, which is your chosen flatbread with either a house or caesar salad.  We chose the house salad…loved the shaved parmesan and toasted walnuts…and the Spirited Flatbread.  The starter salads are a good size.  The Spirited has basil pesto, roasted peppers, spicy Italian sausage and fresh basil.  Basil rocks. (we like it so much, we grow our own)  We really liked the flatbread for lunch; the crust was super thin, tortilla-like.  Filling, but not overdoing it.  Of course, we forgot to take pictures of the food!  We were too hungry!  Not to mention, we are new at this blog stuff – cut us some slack!  🙂  We did take these pics of the outside setting though.  It was a beautiful day!

On other occasions we have eaten at Redstone, we had the cornbread (in the cast iron skillet!), the rotisserie chicken, Waldorf salad, the Redstone burger, and parmesan truffle fries.  Not only has the food been consistently good, the service is great.  The servers have been exceptionally nice, and the maitre d is always around ensuring that patrons are enjoying themselves.  Overall, this is a great date spot if you go when it’s not too crowded (i.e. Friday HH) because it has a very romantic feel.  Definitely a gem found in a mall parking lot.

Redstone American Grille on Urbanspoon


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